We are creative individuals providing a range of creative services to help businesses

We work with a range of local clients across all industries to create effective company branding, websites and photography. We have a strong network of creative and business professionals who help provide the services we offer and provide tailor-made support to meet your requirements. 

Our main service is Graphic Design which consists of logos & business branding, business stationery and print marketing design.

We also design websites and provide a range of web site options to suit most budgets, from template websites with brand colour washes,  ecommerce/shop sites, bespoke web design and advance web development


Other services - with a little help from our business friends

Template web design

We now offer a web template service for those clients with smaller budgets or for those who need a quick web solution. We use professional template products and choose a template product that will suit our clients needs. You provide us with your logos, content and images and we can quickly create a fresh, clean website - finished off with links to all your social media sites. A quick and hassle free option for those wanting a quick and simple web presence solution, on a budget.  Click here to see an example. 

Brand Consultancy

Brand consultancy is much more than logos and brand guidelines, it is an in-depth look at your brand as a whole and how it presents itself to the customer. Thinking about a thought through image, along with clear business values which can be portrayed through on-site office locations, to brochures and business documents, and even the language used for your social media. Having an outside brand consultant is like having a fresh pair of eyes to identify areas for improvement, ensuring your business is one to be proud of.

Copy Writing

Every form of communication you use to connect with your customers is important. Using the right language to engage with your target audience can be crucial. We think having a copywriting service on hand to help with newsletters, website content or brochures could be the right support that your business needs. 

SEO Consultant

Anyone who has a website should know that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential part of their website and making sure this element is kept well maintained will be beneficial to your website performance.  Think of it like your garden... we supply the garden structure but you will always need a gardener to keep it well maintained and better than your neighbours.


Nearly all websites need good photography, and let's be honest your camera phone just doesn't cut the mustard when you are trying to get the best representation of your business. When using photography on a website and especially using them as background photos for full width websites you will definitely need a professional photographer, as the photos need to be large in size and high resolution. Our photographers are briefed on the project requirements and will also discuss their thoughts on the photographic style which would work best for your project.

Ecommerce websites

We build ecommerce websites using approved shop platforms as our structure. Why do we do this? Because the security an ecommerce facilitator can provide is essential for you and your customers, ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, have strong basic shop platforms for web developers to use and develop upon. They have strong links with payment gateway suppliers ensuring that customer security is at it's highest level for your trading benefits.

Responsive Web design

These days the majority of website users are viewing sites using a whole range of devices. Right now if you have a desktop only website you are missing out on an average of 50% of potential customers. Google now ranks websites based on how device friendly they are and we now design all of our sites to be responsive so that they can adapt to any device giving the user the best experience. 


We not only design print material, we have good connections with print suppliers.  We use a range of different print studios which means we can deliver high quality, bespoke print material as well the fast & cheap bulk print runs and anything in between.

Website Hosting

We offer affordable website hosting packages. Either you just need a single hosting package or you need the full works of a new website, including a hosting package, to suit your business requirements.  Our prices start from £80 per annum, please contact us for a quote.